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About Anna

About Anna

As a mother of four beautiful children, living in Sydney, finding myself at odds with life and feeling “something was missing”, I embarked upon a journey of self-discovery. This journey was fueled by my interest in natural therapies, and it changed my life and that of my family. 
I studied Crystal Therapy, Massage, Meditation, Reiki, Palmistry, Aura-Soma, Yoga and Quantum Dynamics just to mention a few. I actually became a practitioner of most of them, however it was when I found myself in a class called 'The Power of Breath' instead of the Kinesiology class that I was enrolled in, that everything started to change radically.

After falling in love with this therapy and the benefits of its practise, I committed to the Australian accreditation process. While Studying at Nature Care College in Sydney, I participated in the first class of its kind, becoming an Australian accredited Rebirthing Breathworker in 2003. That year I also joined the Australian Breathwork Association and served on the committee for the next 3 years, which further integrated my understanding and knowledge of this ancient and forgotten modality.

Since then, my journey as a practitioner of Rebirthing Breathwork has taken me to places in this world I never dreamed I’d go, as well as teach me a thing or two about the more hidden aspects of myself, and how they had been affecting my life. All of which, I’m happy to report are far less complicated than I imagined.

While on this adventure, I learned two truths that seemed to affect the lives of everyone I met to some degree or another. They are:

  1. That it is everybody's birthright to consciously create the life they most want to live, instead of life itself, leading the way.
  2. That every person on this planet has a gift to be shared, and in its being shared comes fulfilment, self-empowerment and peace. However most have forgotten what the gift is. 

On my journey, I found that these two basic truths have the power to impact the lives or eberyone, one way or another. Particularly if they have been overlooked.

This is where my love for conscious breathing and Rebirthing Breathwork comes in. Learning how to breathe in a particular way clears the pathways of communication between all aspects of your Being, eg, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. With some practise, this enables the breather to access their own understanding, knowing and wisdom on just about any set of circumstances or situation. So it’s easy to see how Breathwork blends and supports other therapies, such as Counselling, Coaching, Reiki, NLP, Kinesilogy, Shamanism, in fact any form of natural and spiritual healing.

As a practitioner and trainer, I have facilitated sessions for clients aged 6 years to 76 years. I've facilitated workshops, retreats and groups sessions both nationally and internationally, and in 2010 facilitated my first year long training for new Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioners.

Now however, I call Casurina Beach on the Tweed Coast home. And it would be my pleasure to share all I have learned and assist others to live self-empowered, happy and purposeful lives!

In Gratitude,


Anna Aranci