Testimonials 1 ­ Anna Aranci

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Nicole, Sydney, NSW

Anna offers a safe, sacred & loving space to all who come into her presence. Healing & life direction is the beautiful outcome

Sonia, Canberra, ACT

An empowering experience which has reminded me of how powerful I am, how much love is in me and in the world and how excited I am to continue my journey to dive deeper and deeper into my juicy feminine self.

Lesley, Sydney, NSW

You held such a safe & sacred space allowing me to give myself permission to fully engage and be present for me, while at the same time knowing you were there for support, if needed. I look forward to working with you again. 


Beth, Brisbane, QLD

Thank you for sharing with me and guiding me so tenderly and lovingly through the steps of discovering all that I am meant to be. As I open more, and allow and surrender to all that is, with the deepest of humility and gratitude, miracles are happening and the most beautiful, divine, peaceful love is settling into my heart to be shared with all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sean, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Thank you very much for the breath session it seems to have shifted my viewpoint. Certainly my feelings of calm have increased dramatically. I walk around with a perceptible glow internally that is noticed by others.  

Maree, Sydney, NSW

My experience is that as powerful as a word is, it’s not expressive enough of the full experience. It was blissful, the best workshop I have ever been on and I have been to plenty. 


Tia, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Anna, thank you so much for the recent Breathwork Session I had with you.  I found your facilitation of the session quite wonderful.  You certainly led me to a place I had not been in the many workshops, rebirthing sessions, sweat lodges, and the rest that I have been part of over all the years of searching for answers to those universal questions “who am I?” and “what is my purpose?”.  I have found your breathing techniques very useful and the process is ongoing for me.  Thank you, Thank you Anna

Jacqui, Gold Coast, QLD

For transformative and life changing healing and organic personal growth Anna and her breath work /counselling sessions are absolutely brilliant and powerfully effective.

Anna Aranci